Parts Online Help
  Parts Browser Tab
  Parts Browser tab integrates the functionality needed to locate any part number using the Parts Manual browsing method. This tab contains the following sections:
  • Parts Catalogs Menu - By default shows all Parts Catalogs available to the user. The content of this field may be additionally modified using the Favorites section under the Settings tab. Pars catalogs are presented using an interactive tree menu. Currently selected model/node is highlighted
  • Shopping Cart - Shows current content of the Parts Online Shopping Cart. Shopping cart content is updated automatically in real time.
  • Illustration - Shows currently selected node's illustration. Each illustration contains active zones (yellow numbers). Use these as a reference to the BOM. To zoom-in/out or reset the illustration magnification use the functional buttons located in the top left part of the Illustration section. Currently selected active zone and BOM line are automatically highlighted in red and grey respectively.
  • BOM - Bill Of Material section shows currently selected node's BOM and all the functionality needed to add an item to the cart.

To add a part to the cart check the respective checkbox. In case the checkbox is substituted by the Consult Factory icon, the part is not currently available for ordering.
To remove a part from the cart, either use the Delete icon in the Cart section or uncheck the respective checkbox in the BOM section.



If you need to refer to illustrations with TO and FROM dates: The dates shown are to be used as a guide only and are provided to alert the user that there has been a significant change at that approximate period in time. When searching for replacement parts, compare the illustrations provided to help determine if the date of manufacture is significant as it pertains to the part in question in your specific case. If you are not able to make a determination or if in doubt, do not hesitate to call a TECPORT SAC Parts Technician for assistance at (phone number).


1. The width/height of each one of the 4 Parts Browser sections may be changed by simply dragging the dividing line left/right or up/down.
2. Tool tips are available for each node in the Parts Catalogs area.
3. Consult Factory icon - . This icon shows that the Part is not available for ordering, either because it is not in stock or is suspended.


    Parts Search Tab
    Search tab provide tools for basic and advanced search for Part number, Description or both, using up to 6 sections of search phrases.
Search within a specific model is also available.
Search results are additionally expandable and provide detailed information regarding each line item.
An option for direct ordering using the search results is also available.


1. To search by Part number, make sure you selected the 'Part Number' Radio button in the search radio group. Enter the search sting under the 'Part Number' column.
2. To search by Description, make sure you selected the 'Description' Radio button in the search radio group. Enter the search sting under the 'Description' column.
3. To search by Part Number and/or Description, make sure you selected the 'Both' Radio button in the search radio group. Search strings should be entered in 'Part Number' and 'Description' columns.
4. Changing to another tab automatically clears all search results.



1. To get more information on a search result, click the link in the header column and it will automatically expand to show where exactly the search string was located
2. To get search hints when searching by part number click the icon next to the Part Number column.


    Show Cart Tab
    Show Cart tab shows the current cart content and also integrates the following functionality:
  • Change quantity to be ordered - Use the Qty section to enter new quantity. To make the quantity change permanent use the 'Save Changes' button
  • Delete line item - Use the Delete icon .
  • Empty entire cart - Use the 'Empty Cart' button.
  • Place an Order - Proceed with the next step and post your PO with TECPORT SAC
  • Cancel Changes - Only cancels unsaved changes in line item quantities.

Line totals and order totals are calculated upon saving the changes.

Only List Prices are currently shown. Dealer Net price is available upon PO posting.

Discount column shows only promotional discounts available for the selected part. Discount is shown and later on calculated as a percentage of the List price.



1. Line item deletions are permanent and cannot be restored.


    Purchase Order Manager Tab
    PO Manager tab integrates all the functionality dedicated to Purchase order management:
  • PO tracking by PO status - waiting, open, closed. Color coding also available.
  • Search by Item (Part Number) - in this case you get a report displaying all POs containing the respective Part Number.
  • Search Purchase Order - in this case you get a report displaying all POs containing the respective PO.

PO list available at your righthand side shows the list of the POs meeting the filters and criteria you selected and also provides you with additional tools to get more detailed information.

Printing is also available from this screen.



    To open a PO use the 'Open PO' icon located in each line of the PO list.

Once the PO is open you are able to review it, without an option to make any edits. Pease note this is read-only access.

Printing is also available from this screen.

    To get more information on shipping related to given PO use the 'Shipping' icon located in each line of the PO list.

Shipping screen provides detailed information spit in the following three groups:

  • Order Status - Lists all items included in the PO and shows quantities ordered, quantities BO, prices
  • Shipment Details - Lists all shipments and shipment details related to the selected PO
  • Invoice Details - Lists all invoices and invoice details related to the selected PO





    Settings Tab
    Use this section for access and update of the following:
  • User Account - Account Details section provide access to the dealer account data and tools to update it.
  • Password - Use this section to change your password
  • Favorites - This section contains a list of all parts catalogs currently available for the user. By checking/unchecking the checkboxes next to the catalogues, you specify which of those catalogues to be shown/removed from the Parts Catalogs Menu under the Parts Browser tab.
  • Language - Select your preferred language here. Language change affects environment related fields only and will not lead to changes in the parts catalogs' language. Any change becomes active upon exit of the Language section.


    Logout Tab
    User logout. User session parameters are reset. Any unposted POs will be lost.
    F. A. Q.
    1. Question: Is it possible to write in your online order system more than 6 item in one spare parts order?
Answer: if you need to order more than 6 items, once you have pressed the "submit" button and then chosen the items and quantities you then put them in the cart by pressing the button "add to cart". After you can cancel the previous items in the search list and start again choosing other items, press again submit, choose the parts and quantities and press add to cart. These parts will be added to the previous items in your cart. To clear the cart you press the empty cart.

2. Question: what does "sostituito da ..." mean.
Answer: When you see "sostituito da .." in means "replaced/substituted by .." so you should go to the replacement item. In any case, we are now going to install a system that automatically diverts you to the replacement item provided that this is fully interchangeable. In the meantime, if you have doubts you can continue to choose the original p/n and we will check if it needs to be replaced or not.

3. Question: when lead time is 0, what delivery time shall I consider ?
Answer: lead time = 0 means that there is not a standard lead time for this itemn and that it therefore necessary to contact CVS to know what is the current delivery time